Radio equipment – Sea areas A1 and A2

Every ship engaged on voyages beyond sea area A1, but remaining within sea area A2, shall be provided with the minimum equipment specified for A1, plus:

An MF radio installation capable of transmitting and receiving on the frequencies 2187.5 kHz using DSC and 2182 kHz using radiotelephony;

  • a DSC watchkeeping receiver operating on 2187.5 kHz
  • A 406 MHz EPIRB
  • The ship shall, in addition, be capable of transmitting and receiving general radio communications using radiotelephony or direct-printing telegraphy by: A HF radio installation operating on working frequencies in the (marine) bands between 1,605 kHz and 27,500 kHz. (This requirement is normally fulfilled by the addition of this capability in the MF equipment referred to earlier).